Uncle Deezo -Biography


The talented upcoming artist Cloudy Simuyandi also known as Uncle Deezo stage name in music Career. Uncle Deezo is a Zambian Sign artist, And he was born on 12th July 1988 at in the village called siabulembo , Uncle Deezo is a married person. Carol Change (Spouse) he have 3 children’s ,Relatives Pigg Simuyandi sister, 4 Boys and 4 sisters tatol 8. He also participating In the local football games at a village by the name Siabalambo and he was joined a local band in the village and hes the must winning label to perform at Chirundu Government functions, Cloudy Simuyandi he come in chirundu when he was a kid and he used to stay with his Uncle while selling in shop And released mone stat business as money changer.

Uncle Deezo is also a business man and songwriter , He was started interested in music since he was young, Border Boy was playing a local Banjo’s ,He released a first song in 2017 titled “Kolyokolyo” it was playful in whole Chirundu and other places.

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