AFUNIKA -The other side of my life Story Part1


Multi talented artist, music composer and performer, Afunika, shares the other side of he’s life story.

Afunika wrote:

“The Other Side Of My Life story:

Am Not Perfect And Yes I Make Mistakes (a lot)!! Knowing And Unknowingly. It’s Not Easy Being Me Or To Be Born Me(Ukeshe Ukeshiba Ati Kwena Ninchito)… Iv Accepted What I Can Do And What I Cannot Do…. Not That I Fail To Do, But Maybe Giving Myself A Chance To Woke Through What I Know I Can Do Better And Without Fail ……Somethings Were Not Meant For Me And So I better Move On And Do What I Know Is Best For Me….. I Can’t Be Loved By Everyone And I Can’t Make Everyone Happy, I Might Be A Good Musician, Vocalist ETC… To Others Am Nothing….. People Have Decided To Hate Me For No Reason But That Does Not Change Anything About Me, Some Hate Me Because Of My Language, Others Don’t Just Like The Way I Look Or Dress…. And Some Of My Friends/Family Hate Me Because I Choose A Woman They Don’t Like (Sorry Guys NALINGILA AKALE) ….. Others Just Don’t Feel Me Because I Made It ( Yes From Nothing To Something And Thank God For These BLESSINGS)
40YearsPachalo: I Have Experienced A lot Of Things(Good and Bad) …….Afunika And Just A Normal Life As Frank Chirwa Junior. Like they Say (Life Begins at 40, Looking forward To It, I Believe The Future Is Brighter For Me) Amen.”

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